Welcome to the Metadata Transformer!

Why was this tool created?

We needed an easy way to share the Open SUNY Textbooks item list through an easy to ingest JSON post. This Metadata Transformer parses through the raw metadata posted from the Open SUNY Textbooks Wordpress site, collects all of the relevant fields for each item, and stores them in a database. Once item information is stored in the database, it can be included in the JSON post for ingestion by other Open Educational Resource (OER) catalogs.

What can you do here?


View a pretty print parsing of the JSON post from the Open SUNY Textbooks Wordpress site.
Get a preview of JSON post and the database array output from the Metadata Transformer.
View the raw JSON post from the Metadata Transformer for ingest.


Check for new records and insert them into the Metadata Transformer.
Delete records from the Metadata Transformer and then search for and insert new records.


Perform a search against the records in the database and bring back text results or JSON results.
Build a custom JSON output by selecting specific fields.